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The most common endocrine disease is Diabetes. According to the CDC, Diabetes affects 25.8 million Americans of which over 7 million are undiagnosed.

Upon testing to determine if you have Diabetes and which type (Type I or Type II), our physicians will work with you to personalize an ongoing program to manage your diabetes. For more information on Diabetes, visit our related links section

  • Placement of Continuous Glucose Monitors
    Some Diabetes patients may need further blood sugar analysis. To obtain a more accurate assessment of your daily blood sugar levels, your physician may recommend the placement of a Continuous Glucose Monitor.

    Your physician will utilize an FDA approved device to records blood sugar levels throughout the day and night for up to three days. CMED physicians monitor the entire process including reviewing the results of the study and proposing lifestyle modifications for health improvement.

    For more information on Continuous Glucose Monitors, please see our related links section